"Bending notes is a tough technique for beginner harmonica players

and it is where the secret to getting a "bluesy sound" lies,

 because it's the way to get the flat third, fifth and seventh; the blue notes"

The History Of The Blues Harmonica

Harmonica History

Harmonica History - From China to the Blues

Mo Al Jaz

Route 66 Harmonica Club

About the harmonica and where it came from



Junior Wells - Low Down Dirty Shame

Junior Wells

Junior Wells & Buddy Guy - Little By Little

Terry “Harmonica” Bean at Old York Blues and BBQ Festival 

James Cotton - Slow Blues (Angel Of Mercy / Blues in my sleep 

James Cotton Blues Band - Jazzwoche Burghausen 1987 fragm

James Cotton - The Creeper

James Cotton - Saint On Sunday

 Little Walter  -  Little Walter's Jump

Amazing Grace on Harmonica - Howard Levy

Louis Myers & The Aces - Bluesy