full length documentaries that are both educational and entertaining.  they provide you with a deeper appreciation along with a sense of the enchantment of the people and their music ..........

Blues America, part 1 of 2  -  Woke up this morning  59 min

Blues America, part 2 of 2  -  Bright Lights, Big City  59 min

You see me Laughin' - The last of the Hill Country Bluesmen 1 hr. 17 min.

Documentary about Clarksdale with Charlie Musselwhite   20min

"Appalachian Journey", Alan Lomax (1991)  56min

The Land Where the Blues Began  58min

History of the Blues featuring Joe Bonamassa  36min

Me and the Devil Blues  24min

Robert Johnson Exposed  7min

Georgia Blues: Blind Willie McTell  56min

Rural Blues   50min

The Death of Amedee Ardoin  5min

Texas blues legend Sam Lightnin' Hopkins - Where Lightnin' Strikes   5min


Robert Johnson:

Did Robert Johnson Sell His Soul to Play the Blues?  6min

Robert Johnson Exposed  8min

Robert Johnson, Delta Blues, & the REAL Crossroads  11min

Ike Zimmerman  -  Devil at the crossroads??   Article